Annotated List of Project Ideas & Volunteering Resources

This list was cre­ated as part of the Lo­cal Ca­reer Ad­vice Net­work’s efforts to map the EA vol­un­teer­ing & pro­ject op­por­tu­ni­ties space. For other an­no­tated lists and biblio­grahies, see here.

Please make sug­ges­tions in the google doc, and link to the ar­ti­cle, au­thor’s name or user­name, and a one line sum­mary. You can also add com­ments to ex­ist­ing re­soruces.

Gen­eral & Guides

A List of Things for Peo­ple To Do by Chris Leong. This pro­vides a range of sug­ges­tions, from in­di­vi­d­ual ac­tions (i.e. spe­cific ver­sions of Earn­ing to Give) to start­ing pro­jects.

A list of Small Ex­plo­ra­tion Pro­jects by Richard Batty linked (com­ment it came from here). Con­tains links to guides and ex­am­ples for a num­ber of di­rect work pro­jects.

A guide on re­search pro­jects (2020) by Edo Arad from EA Is­rael. This has some fairly spe­cific sug­ges­tions with time es­ti­mates.

Notes on get­ting in­volved with small EA pro­jects by Aaron Gertler. He also lists a few pos­si­ble projects

Pro­ject Ideas

Meta Projects

Re­search Projects

Tech/​Soft­ware Projects

Misc. Pro­ject lists


LCAN An­no­tated Lists

An­no­tated List of Pro­ject Ideas & Vol­un­teer­ing Re­sources

An­no­tated List of EA Ca­reers Ad­vice

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