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I’m currently doing a Ph.D. in ML at the International Max-Planck research school in Tübingen. My focus is on Bayesian ML and I’m exploring its role in AI alignment but I’m also exploring non-Bayesian approaches. I want to become an AI safety researcher/​engineer. If you think I should work for you, please reach out.

For more see https://​​​​aboutme/​​

An­nounc­ing AI safety Men­tors and Mentees

mariushobbhahn23 Nov 2022 15:21 UTC
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Disagree­ment with bio an­chors that lead to shorter timelines

mariushobbhahn16 Nov 2022 14:40 UTC
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Some ad­vice on in­de­pen­dent research

mariushobbhahn8 Nov 2022 14:46 UTC
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Les­sons learned from talk­ing to >100 aca­demics about AI safety

mariushobbhahn10 Oct 2022 13:16 UTC
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