[Question] What are some examples of successful social change?

Mark Lutter of the Charter Cities Institute has compiled a list of examples of social change.

The list is wide-ranging, and there’s no requirement that changes be positive — merely that a group of people tried to change a system and succeeded.

I’ll post the current entries here for easy skimming:

  • The Fabian Society

  • The repeal of the Corn Laws

  • The YIMBYs

  • The Mont Pelerin Society

  • The Meiji Restoration

  • Prohibition in the United States

  • Progressivism in the United States

  • Abolitionism

  • African decolonization

  • The creation of the Soviet Union

  • The transition from Roman Republic to Roman Empire

  • The Bretton Woods conference

  • The Tiananmen Square uprising

  • The French Revolution

  • The modern environmental movement

  • The Federalist Society

What are some examples Mark should add?

Personally, I’m most interested in examples that:

  1. Involve movements on the approximate scale of EA, and/​or

  2. Involved changes being made carefully and with attention to detail, to the overall benefit of those affected.