[Question] Who is working on finding “Cause X”?

As a com­mu­nity, EA some­times talks about find­ing “Cause X” (ex­am­ple 1, ex­am­ple 2).

The search for “Cause X” fea­tured promi­nently in the billing for last year’s EA Global (a).

I un­der­stand “Cause X” to mean “new cause area that is com­pet­i­tive with the ex­ist­ing EA cause ar­eas in terms of im­pact-per-dol­lar.”

This af­ter­noon, I re­al­ized I don’t re­ally know how many peo­ple in EA are ac­tively pur­su­ing the “search for cause X.” (I thought of a cou­ple peo­ple, who I’ll note in com­ments to this thread. But my map feels very in­com­plete.)