EA Meta Fund AMA: 20th Dec 2018

Hi, we’re the new management team for the EA Meta Fund . We’re here to answer any questions about our grant making.

We recently made this set of grants, and are planning another set in February 2019. We are keen to hear from donors and potential donors about what kind of grant making you are excited about us doing, what concerns you may have, and anything in between.

Please feel free to start posting your questions from now and we (mostly me, but I’ll pull in other team members when I’m missing info) will be available here and actively answering questions between 10am and 6pm UK time on 20th December (tomorrow).

Happy to answer questions about (but not limited to):

• Methodology.

• Our planned time spend.

• Reasons, motivations.

• Considerations for evaluation (suggestions welcome).

• Challenges we face /​ expect.

• Team backgrounds /​ experience.

• Decision-making /​ team structure /​ governance.

• Improvements to write-ups (suggestions welcome, bear in mind write-ups are public and we are a small part-time team).

• Using this fund for fundraising.

• Specific meta orgs, where appropriate, please be thoughtful.

We will try to use “I” where the view is our own and “we” where we believe we can represent the team’s view.