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Risto does re­search on trust­wor­thy AI in the pro­ject by AI4EU (funded by the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion un­der Hori­zon 2020). He also stud­ies eco­nomics, pub­lic policy, and philos­o­phy at the Lon­don School of Eco­nomics and Poli­ti­cal Science. Fur­ther­more, he founded Effec­tive Altru­ism Es­to­nia, an NGO that pro­motes the ideas of how to do the most good us­ing rea­son and ev­i­dence, where he now ad­vises new lead­ers and vol­un­teers. Pre­vi­ously, he worked for five years as a per­sonal coach helping peo­ple im­prove their ex­er­cise, nu­tri­tion, and lifestyle habits. If you have a promis­ing pro­ject that could im­prove the world a lot, let him know and he might join.

Effec­tive Altru­ism Stipend: A Short Ex­per­i­ment by EA Estonia

12 Jun 2020 10:48 UTC
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New Re­port Claiming Un­der­state­ment of Ex­is­ten­tial Cli­mate Risk

9 Jun 2019 16:47 UTC
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[Question] How to Make Short EA Videos?

22 May 2019 9:15 UTC
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