AMA: JP Addison and Sam Deere on software engineering at CEA

Hi, we’re JP and Sam, we work as software engineers at the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). We’re answering questions about our work on some of the projects many EAs use every day (including this Forum, Giving What We Can, EA Funds, and a bunch of other behind the scenes stuff).

Also, CEA and GWWC are both hiring software engineers, so it’s a good opportunity to ask questions about what it’s like to work here before you apply!

We’ll be answering questions on Tuesday, March 16th.

CEA and GWWC are both hiring software engineers. We build and maintain the tech that any new engineers will be working with (including this Forum), and we know what it’s like to work here. AMA!

JP previously worked at an aerospace startup detecting methane emissions with spectrometers on airplanes. He’s interested in table tennis, plants and economics.

Sam started at GWWC back in 2015, then built EA Funds from the ground up over the course of a few months while CEA was in Y Combinator. He has a past life in party politics.

Ask us about:

  • Working on a small team

  • Non-profit vs startups

  • Our tech stacks

  • Anything!

NB: EA Funds is now largely an independent org, so Sam will generally be talking about what it was like working at CEA until very recently. However we still work closely together because we make a good team and are working on very related projects.

Bonus: Although Ben West is no longer primarily an engineer, he built a popular healthcare analytics platform and founded a successful startup. He’ll be managing the new CEA engineer. You can also ask him anything.