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Public interest technology or public interest tech (PIT) is a field that combines expertise in technology, especially computing, with the common good. Public interest tech can be divided into two approaches:

The word “technology” can refer broadly to any devices, processes, or skills used to solve practical problems. In the context of public interest tech, however, “technology” is often narrowly defined as “digital skills required to build modern products and services” (Code for America 2018). This narrower definition of “technology” includes, but is not limited to, the following disciplines:

Organizations that promote public interest tech include:

Public interest tech may be done with a focus on the most pressing causes identified by effective altruism. For example:


Code for America (2018) Talent initiative, Code for America.

External links

Public interest technology: About. Ford Foundation.

Public interest technology: About. New America.

Public-Interest Technology Resources. Website maintained by Bruce Schneier.

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