30 second action you could take

Prospect Magazine is getting people to vote for the World’s Top Thinkers of 2022. There were fewer names I recognised on it than I expected, though David Chalmers and Demis Hassabis are amongst them.

I voted for Will MacAskill because I want more intellectual attention on really directly tackling how we can help sentient beings most over the very long run.

Voting was surprisingly quick and painless. While voting for public intellectuals seems rather frivolous, ranking highly on a chart like this can open doors for Will to have more conversations with people who are in a position to seriously put EA ideas or proposals into practice (and are so stretched for time they have to use rankings like this to narrow down who’s most worth meeting). Here are the nominees, or you can vote directly here.

[Disclaimer: his bio includes a description of 80,000 Hours, my employer; his link to it (trustee and cofounder) is not the reason I’m voting for him]