Vincent van der Holst

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Founder of BOAS, a fast vintage fashion platform that donates 90% of profits to the most effective charities that save lives.

Our vision is to move as many of the world’s trillions in profits to effective organisations through Profit for Good businesses (where charities receive most profits instead of shareholders).

BOAS’ mission is save jeans and lives. Peter Singer is an investor in our business.

We’re fundraising, so if you can help, send me an email at vin at boas . co

We’re almost always looking for interns, so if you’re interested please reach out.

Thanks, Vin

I dou­bled the world record cy­cling with­out hands for AMF

Vincent van der Holst11 Jun 2024 8:57 UTC
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I’m at­tempt­ing a world record to raise money for AMF

Vincent van der Holst20 May 2024 15:05 UTC
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Peter Singer’s Re­cent Ar­ti­cle on Profit for Good Busi­nesses, and a Re­sponse to His Call to Action

Brad West15 Feb 2024 13:55 UTC
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Peter Singer joins BOAS as an in­vestor and you can too

Vincent van der Holst8 Jan 2024 14:59 UTC
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