[Offer, Paid] Help me estimate the social impact of the startup I work for.

I’m a soft­ware en­g­ineer at a Bos­ton startup. We con­nect U.S. col­lege stu­dents with men­tors that sup­port them and help keep them in school (uni­ver­si­ties are our cus­tomers). I took this job two years ago for learn­ing, ca­reer cap­i­tal, and the promise of pos­i­tive im­pact on the world.

If asked, I could say with con­fi­dence that it has de­liv­ered on the first two, but on the last point I feel epistem­i­cally clue­less. Many uni­ver­si­ties pay for our ser­vices, we col­lect data on what stu­dents and men­tors say have hap­pened in their re­la­tion­ships, and we have a stud­ies as­sess­ing im­pacts on re­ten­tion rates. But in the for-profit world there is not much in­cen­tive (even from pay­ing cus­tomers) to put our re­sources be­hind study­ing coun­ter­fac­tu­als.

I don’t know how to ap­proach such an anal­y­sis, or to what ex­tent I should ex­pect such an anal­y­sis to be pos­si­ble. I don’t ex­pect full en­light­en­ment—any progress would be helpful to me and help me de­cide what to do with my ca­reer in the fu­ture.

I would love to work with some­one who has done this kind of thing be­fore to at­tack this ques­tion. I would pay you for your time, at a rate you feel is rea­son­able.

My email is re­ally.eli@gmail.com.