Concrete project lists

There are lots of im­por­tant pro­ject ideas in EA that peo­ple could work on, and I’d like to en­courage peo­ple to ex­plore more. When I was look­ing for pro­jects to work on, I had difficulty think­ing of what needed do­ing apart from ob­vi­ous pro­jects like rais­ing money for GiveWell-recom­mended char­i­ties. I even had a sense that all the or­gani­sa­tions that needed to ex­ist ex­isted, which is ob­vi­ously not cor­rect.

For­tu­nately many peo­ple have put to­gether pro­ject ideas in im­por­tant cause ar­eas:

This is far from ex­haus­tive, but it’s a start.

How­ever, it’s not clear whether lack of ideas is ac­tu­ally what’s stop­ping peo­ple from work­ing on new pro­jects. So I’d be in­ter­ested to know:

  • What’s block­ing you from work­ing on an al­tru­is­tic pro­ject?

  • Are there re­sources which the com­mu­nity could provide that would help?

  • Do you have any more pro­ject ideas or lists of pro­ject ideas to add? - I’ll keep this list up­dated with what I find.

[This came out of this thread on why things don’t get done in the EA com­mu­nity. Thanks to John Maxwell for be­ing a com­mit­ment de­vice.]