[Question] What are EA project ideas you have?

The ques­tion is meant to be broad.

I in­vite y’all to share your ideas here, as they come to you.

Re­lat­edly, if you see a pro­ject idea that has already been done, point­ing it out as a re­ply would be use­ful!

For shar­ing ex­ist­ing pro­ject lists, I sug­gest do­ing it in the fol­low­ing post in­stead: Con­crete pro­ject lists


Mo­ti­va­tion for ask­ing: From now on, I in­tend to use my an­swer here to con­tin­u­ously doc­u­ment new ideas I come up with in­stead of hav­ing them logged pri­vately in Google Docs. This is part of my goal of re­duc­ing the time be­tween con­ceiv­ing of an idea and shar­ing it (How much de­lay do you gen­er­ally have be­tween hav­ing a good new idea and shar­ing that idea pub­li­cly on­line?).