Bibliography of EA writings about fields and movements of interest to EA

If you would like to do research on any of the fields and movements listed below, including those listed in the Appendix, I might be able to provide funding. Get in touch.

Latest update: 20 September 2022

Years ago, I compiled a list of writings by members of the EA community focused on fields and movements of interest to EA. The list seems to have spread organically and every couple of months someone messages me with comments or questions about it. Although the list is probably incomplete, it seems sufficiently comprehensive to justify publication on the EA Forum. Please let me know, by contacting me or leaving a comment, if you notice any omissions.

I’d also like to single out some fields and movements that I believe would be useful to investigate but have so far received little or no EA attention. These are included as an Appendix to the post.

The list

American geriatrics

Animal rights movement

Anti-abortion movement

Anti-death-penalty movement

Anti-nuclear movement

Antislavery movement

Behavioral economics


Children’s rights




Effective philanthropy


Evidence-based medicine


Fair trade

Fat acceptance movement

General semantics

Marriage equality


Molecular nanotechnology


New atheism

Prisoner human rights movement

Rationalist movement

Scientific charity movement

Spanish Enlightenment


Some fields and movements EAs may want to study more:

See also this list by Luke Muehlhauser.

  1. ^

    See this comment by Tyner for an explanation of why this movement may be worth studying.