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The history tag is for posts that are strongly focused on historical events or trends (rather than just mentioning these things briefly), or that discuss or make heavy use of historical research methods.

For history of the Effective Altruism movement and ideas specifically, see history of effective altruism.


Aird, Michael (2021) Collection of EA-associated historical case study research, Effective Altruism Forum, June 4.

Some his­tory top­ics it might be very valuable to investigate

MichaelA8 Jul 2020 2:40 UTC
83 points
34 comments6 min readEA link

So­cial Move­ment Les­sons from the US Pri­son­ers’ Rights Movement

Jamie_Harris22 Jul 2020 12:10 UTC
32 points
3 comments128 min readEA link

Long-Term In­fluence and Move­ment Growth: Two His­tor­i­cal Case Studies

Aron_Vallinder13 Dec 2018 19:03 UTC
57 points
5 commentsEA link

How tractable is chang­ing the course of his­tory?

Jamie_Harris22 May 2019 15:29 UTC
41 points
2 comments7 min readEA link

Les­sons from the his­tory of an­i­mal rights

JesseClifton17 May 2016 19:32 UTC
36 points
10 commentsEA link

Dis­con­tin­u­ous progress in his­tory: an update

AI Impacts17 Apr 2020 16:28 UTC
60 points
3 comments24 min readEA link

Does Eco­nomic His­tory Point Toward a Sin­gu­lar­ity?

Ben Garfinkel2 Sep 2020 12:48 UTC
121 points
58 comments3 min readEA link

What Helped the Voice­less? His­tor­i­cal Case Studies

Mauricio11 Oct 2020 3:38 UTC
109 points
16 comments92 min readEA link

How frag­ile was his­tory?

Gregory_Lewis2 Feb 2018 6:23 UTC
20 points
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[Question] Are there his­tor­i­cal ex­am­ples of ex­cess panic dur­ing pan­demics kil­ling a lot of peo­ple?

Linch27 May 2020 17:00 UTC
28 points
15 comments1 min readEA link

The end of the Bronze Age as an ex­am­ple of a sud­den col­lapse of civilization

FJehn28 Oct 2020 12:55 UTC
45 points
7 comments7 min readEA link

Why do so­cial move­ments fail: Two con­crete ex­am­ples.

NunoSempere4 Oct 2019 19:56 UTC
95 points
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Which prop­er­ties does the EA move­ment share with deep-time or­gani­sa­tions?

FJehn26 Aug 2020 10:59 UTC
45 points
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A (Very) Short His­tory of the Col­lapse of Civ­i­liza­tions, and Why it Matters

Davidmanheim30 Aug 2020 7:49 UTC
46 points
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[Short Ver­sion] What Helped the Voice­less? His­tor­i­cal Case Studies

Mauricio15 Dec 2020 3:40 UTC
41 points
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Some promis­ing ca­reer ideas be­yond 80,000 Hours’ pri­or­ity paths

Ardenlk26 Jun 2020 10:34 UTC
129 points
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At­tempt at un­der­stand­ing the role of moral philos­o­phy in moral progress

alexhill28 Oct 2019 16:32 UTC
32 points
8 comments5 min readEA link

The Germy Para­dox—Filters: Hard and soft skills

eukaryote3 Oct 2019 1:28 UTC
20 points
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Model­ling the odds of re­cov­ery from civ­i­liza­tional collapse

MichaelA17 Sep 2020 11:58 UTC
26 points
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[Part 2] Am­plify­ing gen­er­al­ist re­search via fore­cast­ing – re­sults from a pre­limi­nary exploration

jacobjacob19 Dec 2019 16:36 UTC
31 points
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Notes on ‘Atomic Ob­ses­sion’ (2009)

lukeprog26 Oct 2019 0:30 UTC
61 points
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Rose Had­shar: From the Ne­olithic Revolu­tion to the far future

EA Global26 Oct 2018 8:35 UTC
8 points
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Is Democ­racy a Fad?

Ben Garfinkel13 Mar 2021 12:40 UTC
125 points
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Notes on Hen­rich’s “The WEIRDest Peo­ple in the World” (2020)

MichaelA25 Mar 2021 5:04 UTC
32 points
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How big a deal was the In­dus­trial Revolu­tion?

lukeprog16 Sep 2017 7:00 UTC
29 points
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[Pod­cast] Thomas Moynihan on the His­tory of Ex­is­ten­tial Risk

finm22 Mar 2021 11:07 UTC
26 points
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So­cial Move­ment Les­sons from the Fair Trade Movement

Jamie_Harris2 Apr 2021 10:51 UTC
38 points
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Case stud­ies of self-gov­er­nance to re­duce tech­nol­ogy risk

Jia6 Apr 2021 8:49 UTC
43 points
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Welfare sto­ries: How his­tory should be writ­ten, with an ex­am­ple (early his­tory of Guam)

kbog2 Jan 2020 23:32 UTC
46 points
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On the longter­mist case for work­ing on farmed an­i­mals [Uncer­tain­ties & re­search ideas]

MichaelA11 Apr 2021 6:49 UTC
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[Question] How many times would nu­clear weapons have been used if ev­ery state had them since 1950?

eca4 May 2021 15:34 UTC
16 points
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The world is much bet­ter. The world is awful. The world can be much bet­ter.

EA Introductory Program27 May 2020 11:09 UTC
22 points
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What the EA com­mu­nity can learn from the rise of the neoliberals

Kerry_Vaughan6 Dec 2016 18:21 UTC
36 points
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Some AI Gover­nance Re­search Ideas

MarkusAnderljung3 Jun 2021 10:51 UTC
78 points
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Hu­man­i­ties Re­search Ideas for Longtermists

Lizka9 Jun 2021 4:39 UTC
108 points
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[Question] Ex­am­ples of self-gov­er­nance to re­duce tech­nol­ogy risk?

Jia25 Sep 2020 13:26 UTC
32 points
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Wrong by Induction

Ales_Flidr6 Sep 2018 22:00 UTC
20 points
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Tols­toy’s Famine Relief Work in Ryazan & Con­sid­er­ing Mo­ral Intuitions

Erich_Grunewald9 Jan 2021 10:07 UTC
6 points
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Reli­gious Texts and EA: What Can We Learn and What Can We In­form?

Tony.Sena30 Jan 2021 12:04 UTC
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The Germy Para­dox – The empty sky: How close did we get to BW us­age?

eukaryote27 Sep 2019 3:56 UTC
22 points
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The Germy Para­dox – The empty sky: A his­tory of state biolog­i­cal weapons programs

eukaryote24 Sep 2019 5:26 UTC
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[Question] Which sci­en­tific dis­cov­ery was most ahead of its time?

richard_ngo16 May 2019 12:28 UTC
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Cortés, Pizarro, and Afonso as Prece­dents for Takeover

AI Impacts2 Mar 2020 12:25 UTC
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How democ­racy ends: a re­view and reevaluation

richard_ngo24 Nov 2018 17:41 UTC
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[Question] Best time-travel in­ter­ven­tion?

abramdemski27 Oct 2020 14:24 UTC
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[Question] What are some his­tor­i­cal ex­am­ples of peo­ple and or­ga­ni­za­tions who’ve in­fluenced peo­ple to do more good?

MarisaJurczyk11 Apr 2020 21:44 UTC
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Poverty in De­pres­sion-era England: Ex­cerpts from Or­well’s “Wi­gan Pier”

Aaron Gertler12 Feb 2020 1:01 UTC
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The NPT: Learn­ing from a Longter­mist Suc­cess [Links!]

DannyBressler20 May 2021 0:39 UTC
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[Question] What are some moral catas­tro­phes events in his­tory?

adriana_arauzo22 Jun 2021 6:37 UTC
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