[Question] Why doesn’t the EA forum have curated posts or sequences?

The EA fo­rum (and LessWrong) are both struc­tured pri­mar­ily as a news­feed of posts sorted by date. This caters well to im­me­di­ate en­gage­ment, but is much worse for build­ing up a repos­i­tory of knowl­edge which is ac­cessible and rele­vant over a long time pe­riod. LessWrong 2.0 has (to some ex­tent) man­aged to avoid this prob­lem by hav­ing a) cu­rated con­tent, so that peo­ple don’t have to look at liter­ally ev­ery­thing which is posted, and b) se­quences which store great posts in a for­mat that makes them eas­ily ac­cessible a long time af­ter­wards. The EA fo­rum has nei­ther. This makes it rather frus­trat­ing to try to use it to build on ex­ist­ing in­tel­lec­tual progress, as I re­cently found out while re­view­ing fo­rum posts on ca­reer ad­vice. Why don’t we have any mechanisms for en­sur­ing good con­tent lasts, and what can be done about this? (Even just a blan­ket ‘cu­rate ev­ery­thing above x karma’ strat­egy would help, while re­quiring very lit­tle mod­er­a­tor effort. EDIT: I ac­tu­ally no longer be­lieve this last part, I think the key thing is col­lat­ing ma­te­rial from across the in­ter­net.)