EA Forum feature suggestion thread

Edit from 2022: Consider checking the Forum user manual if you’re not sure if something you’re looking for might already be possible.

Hello, Forum!

This is Aaron and JP of the EA Forum team.

We spend a lot of time working on the Forum, and we’d like to hear your ideas for making it better. These can be new features or other kinds of requests.

Even if you don’t have suggestions of your own, consider upvoting ideas you like from the comments. That will have nonzero influence on the features we prioritize (though we also take many other factors into account).

If you’d rather make a suggestion privately, get in touch with us through this page.

Edit April 2022: This thread is still very live as you can see by the continual influx of suggestions. We have now synced our asana project with our public Github issues list, so you can see our recorded tasks there.[1] I’d still recommend suggesting features here so that other users can see and discuss them. — JP

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    Note: there’s a delay between when we write tasks down and when they get triaged into a state that gets synced with Github.