[Podcast] Rob Wiblin on self-improvement and research ethics

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This is an episode of Spencer Greenberg’s Clearer Thinking podcast. The episode was cross-posted to the feed of The 80,000 Hours Podcast.

What are the best strategies for improving ourselves? How are line managers useful? Why does Rob prefer long-form content for the 80,000 Hours podcast? What are the sorts of things humans value and why? In what ways do research ethics considerations fail to achieve their stated objectives? Why are prediction markets useful?

I found this interview enjoyable and useful, and would recommend it. See the comments section of this post for some points from the interview which I found particularly interesting. (I’m putting those points in comments because I think that might be better for encouraging discussion and keeping it organised.)

Currently, I think it’d be a good idea for all future episodes that appear in the 80k podcast feed to be linkposted to the Forum, and I might make such linkposts in future myself unless someone else starts doing so or suggests reasons why it shouldn’t be done. If you have thoughts on that, please comment to say so here.