Funding chains in the x-risk/​AI safety ecosystem

I made a graph of funding chains in the x-risk/​AI safety ecosystem. In the graph below, an edge means that has provided funding to .

The data used to generate the graph comes from the Donations List Website. I originally made a graph (not shown) by restricting to donations in AI safety, existential risks, and global catastrophic risks. However, this included donations from individual donors, which made the resulting graph incomprehensibly large. I therefore manually created a whitelist of a small number of organizations and individuals. Finally, I collected all the donations involving the organizations/​individuals in this whitelist (regardless of the cause area) and made a graph; this is the one that is shown above.

Source code for generating the graph can be found in this GitHub Gist.

For now, I don’t have anything deep to say about this graph; I just found the existence of long chains and numerous connections interesting. If anybody has more thoughts about this, I would be curious to hear them.

GIGO warning: the graph is only as good as the data that was fed into it, so errors made in data entry would affect the graph.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Vipul Naik for the observation that there are some long funding chains, which prompted me to make the graph, and for creating Donations List Website, which made it possible to make the graph.