[Question] How effective were vote trading schemes in the 2016 U.S. presidential election?

a.k.a. vote swap­ping. The idea was to pair up Clin­ton vot­ers in safe blue states with third-party can­di­date vot­ers in swing states. Then the Clin­ton voter would promise to vote for the third-party can­di­date in ex­change for the third-party can­di­date voter promis­ing to vote for Clin­ton.

The idea was to fight the “spoiler effect” of third-party can­di­dates. Since a Gary John­son voter prob­a­bly doesn’t much care where their vote is cast, but a Clin­ton voter very much does, there’s a pos­i­tive-sum trade. You could sweeten the deal by offer­ing more Clin­ton vot­ers for ev­ery third-party voter.

There was a site called TrumpTraders that did this. IIRC it was the most pop­u­lar. I used an­other site called makem­inecount.org, as a Clin­ton voter in MA, and was paired with a Gary John­son voter some­where I don’t re­mem­ber.

The idea was in­ter­est­ing and novel. I’m cu­ri­ous — in ret­ro­spect, how effec­tive were these schemes? And what prob­lems did they run into?

My mo­ti­va­tion is to ex­plore if sup­port­ing a similar effort this year would be a good idea.