Should someone start a grassroots campaign for USA to recognise the State of Palestine?

Palestine is obviously not a neglected issue, but I’d recommend viewing the cause area here as “getting the USA to officially recognise the State of Palestine”, not “ending the Israel-Palestine conflict”.

I admittedly am not an aspect on Palestine, but I think starting a grassroots campaign in the USA for the Biden Administration to recognise Palestine could be a good use of an EAs time:

  1. USA recognising Palestine is probably an important tangible step towards reducing the direct and indirect suffering caused by the conflict

  2. There does not seem to be an organised campaign for this in the USA, despite a reasonable number of Americans being ‘Palestine supporters’

  3. Because there are enough people who are ‘Palestine supporters’, an EA would only have to start and initially publicise a campaign like this to organise sentiment into a targeted campaign demanding a tangible policy change, and ongoing involvement would probably not be necessary

  4. Biden has explicitly expressed support for a 2-state solution, so this policy change within the next 4 years seems tractable /​ viable

I suspect that the scale of the problem is smaller than most other EA cause areas, but when considering the marginal cost of getting such a campaign off the ground compared to spending that additional time and money on some other EA issues, I think it could compare well.