[Question] What are some historical examples of people and organizations who’ve influenced people to do more good?

EA seems to have quite a few examples of people who’ve counterfactually done a lot of good themselves in their lives (many of which are listed in the Introduction to Effective Altruism).

However, I haven’t seen much analysis done on people who’ve helped other people do good with their lives. I suspect this is harder to measure, perhaps significantly so, but I think if there is any way to meaningfully speculate at this, that information could be useful for both EA movement-building orgs and individuals interested in promoting EA ideas or moral behavior generally.

I see two ways to think of this: people who’ve influenced a handful of people to become extraordinarily impactful, or people who’ve influenced a lot of people to do slightly more good (or perhaps less harm). I’m interested in both, along with any meta-level thoughts on this question.