[Question] Is there an organization or individuals working on how to bootstrap industrial civilization?

I’m curious who, if anyone, is developing knowledge, tools, or plans for bootstrapping industrial civilization after a disaster? We might think of this as turning the book The Knowledge into a practical program. Or we might think of it as something like ALLFED, but applied toward the resilience of industrial civilization in general, going beyond resilience of the food supply.

Possible projects might include ideas proposed in Lewis Dartnell’s 2015 article “Out of the Ashes” for rebooting without fossil fuels. Or developing low-tech solar panels or other tech for generating electricity, for storing it, for converting it into hydrogen/​methane/​hydrocarbons—requiring only widely-available materials and low-tech tools. More generally, what is a robust tech tree and plan for recovery? Can we build prototypes and test the plan?

The premise of this question is that there ought to be an organization like this. I’d also be interested in thoughts on the value of such an org, and ideas on what kind of existing org or people might incubate one.