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ALLFED (the Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the probability that if a global disaster or catastrophe occurs, then survivors will be able to consume sufficient nutrients to maintain civilization (Mill 2020).


Denkenberger, David & Joshua M. Pearce (2015) Feeding Everyone No Matter What: Managing Food Security after Global Catastrophe, Amsterdam: Academic Press.

Mill, Aron (2020) ALLFED 2020 highlights, Effective Altruism Forum, November 19.

Wiblin, Robert & Keiran Harris (2018) We could feed all 8 billion people through a nuclear winter. Dr David Denkenberger is working to make it practical, 80,000 Hours, December 27.

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ALLFED. Official website.

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2017 Donor Lot­tery Report

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A ro­bust adapt­able food sys­tem ca­pa­ble of ab­sorb­ing food shocks likely to de­velop in the 21st century

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