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The Blockchain tag is for posts relevant to blockchain, crytocurrencies, and related topics, either as investment opportunities or as tools that could be used for achieving altruistic objectives (e.g., via mechanism design or solving coordination problems).

Neha Narula: The fu­ture of blockchain tech­nol­ogy — be­yond digi­tal cur­rency to global coordination

EA Global2 Jun 2017 8:48 UTC
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An Ar­gu­ment To Pri­ori­tize “Pos­i­tively Shap­ing the Devel­op­ment of Crypto-as­sets”

rhys_lindmark3 Apr 2018 21:59 UTC
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[Cross Post] How cryp­tocur­rency could be­come the evolu­tion to cash

pixel_brownie_software2 Mar 2020 13:40 UTC
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The trans­for­ma­tive po­ten­tial of cryptocurrencies

bejaq5 Feb 2021 14:27 UTC
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Plan for Im­pact Cer­tifi­cate MVP

lifelonglearner1 Oct 2020 21:54 UTC
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Fore­cast­ing Newslet­ter: Au­gust 2020.

NunoSempere1 Sep 2020 11:35 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism Quest

FugueFoundation15 Aug 2020 0:13 UTC
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EA Funds and Donor Lot­tery this De­cem­ber: Quick Update

MarekDuda6 Dec 2018 0:50 UTC
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Could GiveWell cre­ate a cryp­tocur­rency to raise a lot of money?

spreadlove568330 Apr 2021 5:53 UTC
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