Cen­tre for the Gover­nance of AI

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The Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI) is an AI governance research center within the Future of Humanity Institute.

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Centre for the Governance of AI. Official website.

Some AI Gover­nance Re­search Ideas

MarkusAnderljung3 Jun 2021 10:51 UTC
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AMA: Markus An­der­ljung (PM at GovAI, FHI)

MarkusAnderljung21 Sep 2020 11:23 UTC
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Jade Le­ung: Why com­pa­nies should be lead­ing on AI governance

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Baobao Zhang: How so­cial sci­ence re­search can in­form AI governance

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AI Gover­nance: Op­por­tu­nity and The­ory of Impact

Allan Dafoe17 Sep 2020 6:30 UTC
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EA Up­dates for March 2021

DavidNash26 Feb 2021 11:35 UTC
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