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Cash prizes for the best ar­gu­ments against psychedelics be­ing an EA cause area

Milan_Griffes10 May 2019 18:13 UTC
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Founders Pledge Re­port: Psychedelic-As­sisted Men­tal Health Treatments

AidanGoth30 Sep 2020 13:28 UTC
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Us­ing Ibo­gaine to Create Friendlier Opioids

qfrerichs6 Aug 2019 21:31 UTC
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[Link] How to con­tribute to the psychedelics ecosystem

John_Maxwell28 Sep 2019 1:55 UTC
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AMA: Tim Fer­riss, Michael Pol­lan, and Dr. Matthew W. John­son on psychedelics re­search and philanthropy

Aaron Gertler13 May 2021 17:48 UTC
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Cluster Headache Fre­quency Fol­lows a Long-Tail Distribution

algekalipso2 Aug 2019 22:47 UTC
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OPIS ini­ti­a­tive on ac­cess to psilo­cy­bin for cluster headaches

jonleighton10 Sep 2020 8:22 UTC
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Psychedelics Normalization

andzuck26 Apr 2019 2:50 UTC
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End­ing The War on Drugs—A New Cause For Effec­tive Altru­ists?

MichaelPlant6 May 2021 13:18 UTC
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De­brief: “cash prizes for the best ar­gu­ments against psychedelics”

Milan_Griffes14 Jul 2019 17:04 UTC
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[Question] Pros/​cons of fund­ing more re­search on whether psychedelics in­crease al­tru­ism?

nonzerosum21 Jun 2019 23:07 UTC
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Log­a­r­ith­mic Scales of Plea­sure and Pain: Rat­ing, Rank­ing, and Com­par­ing Peak Ex­pe­riences Suggest the Ex­is­tence of Long Tails for Bliss and Suffering

algekalipso11 Aug 2019 3:49 UTC
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OPIS policy pa­per: Le­gal­is­ing ac­cess to psilo­cy­bin for the treat­ment of cluster headaches

jonleighton12 Nov 2020 11:10 UTC
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Le­gal psychedelic re­treats launch­ing in Jamaica

Aaron_Nesmith-Beck17 Apr 2019 18:34 UTC
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[Link] David Pearce on un­der­stand­ing psychedelics

Milan_Griffes19 May 2019 17:32 UTC
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[Link] “A Psychedelic Re­nais­sance” (Chron­i­cle of Philan­thropy)

Milan_Griffes6 May 2019 17:57 UTC
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[Link] Philan­thropy, psychedelics and effec­tive altruism

andzuck22 May 2019 5:54 UTC
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[Link] “Re­laxed Beliefs Un­der Psychedelics and the Anar­chic Brain” (SSC)

Milan_Griffes11 Sep 2019 14:45 UTC
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High Time For Drug Policy Re­form. Part 1/​4: In­tro­duc­tion and Cause Summary

MichaelPlant9 Aug 2017 13:17 UTC
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High Time For Drug Policy Re­form. Part 2/​4: Six Ways It Could Do Good And An­ti­ci­pat­ing The Objections

MichaelPlant10 Aug 2017 19:34 UTC
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High Time For Drug Policy Re­form. Part 3/​4: Policy Sugges­tions, Tractabil­ity and Neglectedess

MichaelPlant11 Aug 2017 15:17 UTC
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High Time For Drug Policy Re­form. Part 4/​4: Es­ti­mat­ing Cost-Effec­tive­ness vs Other Causes; What EA Should Do Next

MichaelPlant12 Aug 2017 18:03 UTC
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