Qualia Re­search Institute

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The Qualia Research Institute (QRI) is a nonprofit research organization based in San Francisco that focuses on consciousness research. QRI’s goals are to develop a precise mathematical language for describing phenomenal experience; to understand the nature of emotional valence; and to develop technologies based on this research that improve people’s lives. It was founded in December 2018 by Andrés Gómez Emilsson, Mike Johnson and Romeo Stevens (Zuckerman 2021).

Since 2021 QRI’s board of advisors includes Scott Alexander and David Pearce (Zuckerman 2021).


Shinozuka, Kenneth (2019) Why we need to study consciousness, Scientific American, September.

Zuckerman, Andrew (2021) Qualia Research Institute: history & 2021 strategy, Qualia Research Institute, January 25.

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Qualia Research Institute. Official website.

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