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I’m a community builder and I’ve worked at/​with CEA, the SERI ML Alignment Theory Scholars program, and EA Cambridge. My degree is in Computer Science.

Currently, I think a lot about the epistemics of EA: Is EA just like any other ideology (epistemologically)? Does moral uncertainty pose a problem to buying into “EA moral philosophy”? And I’m trying to find people who ask these questions in a similar way to me!

How I solved my prob­lems with low en­ergy (or: burnout)

Luise24 May 2023 21:15 UTC
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In defence of epistemic mod­esty [dis­til­la­tion]

Luise10 May 2023 9:39 UTC
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What I mean by the phrase “get­ting in­ti­mate with re­al­ity”

Luise21 Jun 2022 2:53 UTC
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What I mean by the phrase “tak­ing ideas se­ri­ously”

Luise18 Jun 2022 1:28 UTC
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What’s the the­ory of change of “Come to the bay over the sum­mer!”?

Luise8 Jun 2022 18:22 UTC
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