Quan­tified Uncer­tainty Re­search Institute

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The Quantified Uncertainty Research Institute (QURI) is a nonprofit set up to study forecasting and epistemics. QURI was founded in 2019.

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Quantified Uncertainty Research Institute. Official website.

An­nounc­ing the Fore­cast­ing In­no­va­tion Prize

Ozzie Gooen15 Nov 2020 21:21 UTC
64 points
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Open Com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the Days of Mal­i­cious On­line Actors

Ozzie Gooen6 Oct 2020 23:57 UTC
35 points
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Pre­dict­ing the Value of Small Altru­is­tic Pro­jects: A Proof of Con­cept Ex­per­i­ment.

NunoSempere22 Nov 2020 20:07 UTC
51 points
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An ex­per­i­ment to eval­u­ate the value of one re­searcher’s work

NunoSempere1 Dec 2020 9:01 UTC
55 points
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What are good rubrics or rubric el­e­ments to eval­u­ate and pre­dict im­pact?

NunoSempere3 Dec 2020 21:52 UTC
24 points
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Big List of Cause Candidates

NunoSempere25 Dec 2020 16:34 UTC
182 points
66 comments30 min readEA link

Quan­tify­ing the Value of Evaluations

Elizabeth10 Jan 2021 22:59 UTC
23 points
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A Fun­nel for Cause Candidates

NunoSempere13 Jan 2021 19:45 UTC
34 points
25 comments3 min readEA link

Do­ing Good Badly? - Michael Plant’s the­sis, Chap­ters 5,6 on Cause Pri­ori­ti­za­tion

EdoArad4 Mar 2021 16:57 UTC
65 points
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In­tro­duc­ing Metafore­cast: A Fore­cast Ag­gre­ga­tor and Search Tool

NunoSempere7 Mar 2021 19:03 UTC
115 points
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Rel­a­tive Im­pact of the First 10 EA Fo­rum Prize Winners

NunoSempere16 Mar 2021 17:11 UTC
80 points
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Fore­cast­ing Prize Results

NunoSempere19 Feb 2021 19:07 UTC
44 points
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In­cen­tive Prob­lems With Cur­rent Fore­cast­ing Com­pe­ti­tions.

alexrjl10 Nov 2020 21:40 UTC
54 points
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2018-2019 Long Term Fu­ture Fund Gran­tees: How did they do?

NunoSempere16 Jun 2021 17:31 UTC
172 points
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Shal­low eval­u­a­tions of longter­mist organizations

NunoSempere24 Jun 2021 15:31 UTC
39 points
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Con­ver­sa­tion on fore­cast­ing with Vaniver and Ozzie Gooen

jacobjacob30 Jul 2019 11:16 UTC
37 points
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