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Mostly regarded as a happy human, conversationalist, drummer, developer, wannabe psychologist, imminent philosopher, and stuntman — more or less… (definitely less towards the end there).

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Professionally, I’m an engineer at Spark Wave. Personally, I’m an unserious homie who is pretty obsessed with connection, creation, music, and cereal.

I’m here to discuss “flourishing” and to just meet you! (So stop by, come thru, say hey, grab a slice of ’zza, kick off your shoes, stay awhile. Stay stupendous.)

His­tory of the the­ory of well-being

davidhartsough22 Jun 2022 8:17 UTC
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14 Tech­niques to Ac­cel­er­ate Your Learning

davidhartsough15 Apr 2022 12:09 UTC
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The Im­por­tance-Avoidance Effect

davidhartsough16 Sep 2021 23:16 UTC
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