Neil_Dullaghan(Neil Dullaghan)

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Neil is a full-time staff re­searcher at Re­think Pri­ori­ties. His work fo­cuses mostly on the EA Sur­vey, Lo­cal EA Groups sur­vey, pub­lic opinion pol­ling, and poli­ti­cal re­form cov­er­ing longterm, short­erm, hu­man and non­hu­man an­i­mal in­ter­ven­tions.

He is cur­rently also a Ph.D. can­di­date in Poli­ti­cal and So­cial Science at the Euro­pean Univer­sity In­sti­tute.

He has vol­un­teered for Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship & An­i­mal Char­ity Eval­u­a­tors. Be­fore join­ing Re­think Pri­ori­ties, he was a poli­ti­cal data man­ager for WeVoteUSA while it par­ti­ci­pated in Fast For­ward’s ac­cel­er­a­tor for tech non­prof­its, held nu­mer­ous re­search as­sis­tant po­si­tions at the Univer­sity of Oxford, and acted as Strat­egy As­so­ci­ate for a be­hav­ioral sci­ence think tank, The De­ci­sion Lab.

EA Sur­vey 2019 Series: En­gage­ment Levels

23 Jun 2020 4:54 UTC
40 points
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EA Sur­vey 2019 Series: Dona­tion Data

13 Feb 2020 21:58 UTC
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EA Sur­vey 2019 Series: Geo­graphic Distri­bu­tion of EAs

22 Jan 2020 14:44 UTC
41 points
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EA Sur­vey 2019 Series: Ca­reers and Skills

7 Jan 2020 21:13 UTC
43 points
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EA Sur­vey 2019 Series: Cause Prioritization

2 Jan 2020 17:32 UTC
77 points
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EA Sur­vey 2019 Series: Com­mu­nity De­mo­graph­ics & Characteristics

5 Dec 2019 20:25 UTC
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Re­think Pri­ori­ties Im­pact Survey

21 Nov 2019 19:20 UTC
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