Jackson Wagner

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Scriptwriter for RationalAnimations! Interested in lots of EA topics, but especially ideas for new institutions like prediction markets, charter cities, georgism, etc. Also a big fan of EA /​ rationalist fiction!

Fort Col­lins EA /​ Ra­tion­al­ist meetup at Wolver­ine Farm

Jackson Wagner26 Mar 2024 2:08 UTC
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Wild an­i­mal welfare? Stable to­tal­i­tar­i­anism? Pre­dict which new EA cause area will go main­stream!

Jackson Wagner11 Mar 2024 14:27 UTC
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“What if we could re­design so­ciety from scratch? The promise of char­ter cities.” [Ra­tional An­i­ma­tions video]

Jackson Wagner18 Feb 2024 0:57 UTC
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