Jeroen Willems

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My name is pronounced roughly as “yu(h)roon” (IPA: jəˈʀun).

Currently residing in Brussels, Belgium. I obtained my master’s degree in audiovisual arts, specializing in television, from RITCS in 2020. During my studies, I learned how to direct, write scripts, film, edit and develop concepts.

I have since applied and refined all these skills by creating YouTube videos for my channel, A Happier World. A Happier World is a YouTube channel that explores exciting ideas with the potential to radically improve the world. The videos tackle the world’s most pressing problems and offer effective ways we can solve them. Topics covered include global health, poverty, animal welfare, artificial intelligence, pandemics, climate change, and even moral philosophy.

I have been actively involved with EA Brussels/​Belgium since 2016. My experience in hosting and organizing events has provided valuable insights into effectively communicating EA ideas.

Pronouns: he/​him

A Hap­pier World (YouTube chan­nel) is seek­ing funding

Jeroen Willems3 Apr 2024 10:27 UTC
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The Global Fight Against Lead Poi­son­ing, Ex­plained (A Hap­pier World video)

Jeroen Willems15 Dec 2023 18:04 UTC
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