Jeroen Willems

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My name is pronounced somewhat like ‘yuh-roon’.


A Hap­pier World survey

Jeroen Willems29 Mar 2023 21:23 UTC
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Will Tech­nol­ogy Keep Pro­gress­ing? (A Hap­pier World video)

Jeroen Willems9 Mar 2023 17:38 UTC
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What If 99% of Hu­man­ity Van­ished? (A Hap­pier World video)

Jeroen Willems16 Feb 2023 17:10 UTC
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EA Creatives and Com­mu­ni­ca­tors Meetup

Jeroen Willems2 Feb 2023 9:55 UTC
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What Are The Biggest Threats To Hu­man­ity? (A Hap­pier World video)

Jeroen Willems31 Jan 2023 19:50 UTC
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