Zach Robinson will be CEA’s next CEO

We, on behalf of the EV US and EV UK boards, are very glad to share that Zach Robinson has been selected as the new CEO of the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA).

We can personally attest to his exceptional leadership, judgement, and dedication from having worked with him at Effective Ventures US. These experiences are part of why we unanimously agreed with the hiring committee’s recommendation to offer him the position.[1] We think Zach has the skills and the drive to lead CEA’s very important work.

We are grateful to the search committee (Max Dalton, Claire Zabel, and Michelle Hutchinson) for their thorough process in making the recommendation. They considered hundreds of potential internal and external candidates, including through dozens of blinded work tests. For further details on the search process, please see this Forum post.

As we look forward, we are excited about CEA’s future with Zach at the helm, and the future of the EA community.

Zach adds: “I’m thrilled to be joining CEA! I think CEA has an impressive track record of success when it comes to helping others address the world’s most important problems, and I’m excited to build on the foundations created by Max, Ben, and the rest of CEA’s team. I’m looking forward to diving in in 2024 and look forward to sharing more updates with the EA community.”

  1. ^

    Technically, the selection is made by the US board, but the UK board unanimously encouraged the US board to extend this offer. Zach was recused throughout the process, including in the final selection.