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I am the Principal Research Director at Rethink Priorities and currently lead our Surveys and Data Analysis department. Most of our projects involve private commissions for core EA movement and longtermist orgs, where we provide:

Formerly, I also managed our Wild Animal Welfare department and I’ve previously worked for Charity Science, and been a trustee at Charity Entrepreneurship and EA London.

My academic interests are in moral psychology and methodology at the intersection of psychology and philosophy.

In­cor­po­rat­ing and vi­su­al­iz­ing un­cer­tainty in cost effec­tive­ness analy­ses: A walk­through us­ing GiveWell’s es­ti­mates for StrongMinds

Jamie Elsey7 Nov 2023 12:50 UTC
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Are 1-in-5 Amer­i­cans fa­mil­iar with EA?

David_Moss2 Nov 2023 15:07 UTC
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