David_Moss(David Moss)

Karma: 1,915

I am the Prin­ci­pal Re­search Man­ager at Re­think Pri­ori­ties work­ing on, among other things, the EA Sur­vey, Lo­cal Groups Sur­vey, and a num­ber of stud­ies on moral psy­chol­ogy, fo­cus­ing on an­i­mal, pop­u­la­tion ethics and moral weights.

In my aca­demic work, I’m a Re­search Fel­low work­ing on a pro­ject on ‘epistemic in­sight’ (mix­ing philos­o­phy, em­piri­cal study and policy work) and moral psy­chol­ogy stud­ies, mostly con­cerned ei­ther with effec­tive al­tru­ism or metaethics.

I’ve pre­vi­ously worked for Char­ity Science in a num­ber of roles and was formerly a trustee of EA Lon­don.