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I write about ideas and resources I like, along with some ideas for making concepts more clear to me and others who come from a humanities background but are digging into the tools EA gives us to build stuff we care about. I have academic and informal training in conflict studies and language studies, so I’ll write about that too.

I got interested in EA via GiveWell when it started and got a bit more involved in EA when 80K started. I ascribe to the “keep your identity small” idea and see EA as a really useful set of tools and important questions, though not the only set of tools and important questions someone might consider when doing good. I’m a member of EA DC.

I’m also a Community Liaison at CEA (​team)

Outside of EA, I’m involved in the Deaf community and interpreting field/​higher ed. I’m generally interested in how people learn what they learn, how we effectively relate to ourselves and each other, and how to apply those ideas to mentoring and resolving conflict.

Fun things = acro-yoga, cross fit, 1:1 conversations about ideas, reading while laying in hammocks, scuba

Turn­ing per­centages back into peo­ple: per­son­al­iz­ing quantification

sky12 Sep 2020 14:30 UTC
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A mes­sage to com­mu­nity mem­bers, in light of global protests for racial justice

JoanGass8 Jun 2020 22:19 UTC
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