AMA: Tom Chivers, science writer, science editor at UnHerd

Hi everyone! I’m Tom Chivers, and I’ll be doing an AMA here. I plan to start answering questions on Wednesday 17 March at 9am UK: I reckon I can comfortably spend three hours doing it, and if I can’t get through all the questions, I’ll try to find extra time.

Who I am: a science writer, and the science editor at I wrote a book, The Rationalist’s Guide to the Galaxy – originally titled The AI Does Not Hate You – in 2019, which is about the rationalist movement (and, therefore, the EA movement), and about AI risk and X-risk.

My next book, How to Read Numbers, written with my cousin David, who’s an economist, is about how stats get misrepresented in the news and what you can do to spot it when they are. It’s out on March 18.

Before going freelance in January 2018, I worked at the UK Daily Telegraph and BuzzFeed UK. I’ve won two “statistical excellence in journalism” awards from the Royal Statistical Society, and in 2013 Terry Pratchett told me I was “far too nice to be a journalist”.

Ask me anything you like, but I’m probably going to be best at answering questions about journalism.