trammell(Philip Trammell)

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Econ PhD student at Oxford and research associate at the Global Priorities Institute. I’m slightly less ignorant about economic theory than about everything else.


ETGP 2022: ma­te­ri­als, feed­back, and les­sons for 2023

trammell22 Sep 2022 13:12 UTC
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Eco­nomic The­ory & Global Pri­ori­ti­za­tion (sum­mer 2022): Ap­ply now!

trammell7 Jan 2022 18:40 UTC
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2-week sum­mer course in “eco­nomic the­ory and global pri­ori­ti­za­tion”: LMK if in­ter­ested!

trammell19 Nov 2021 11:12 UTC
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