EA Creatives and Communicators Slack

If you’re a writer, journalist, YouTuber, video editor, graphic design artist, digital marketeer or just have a skill/​interest that falls under communications: Welcome to this new Effective Altruist slack channel! How do you get in? Just send me a message here on the forum and introduce yourself. I won’t be strict at all with accepting people.

Michael Aird created this slack channel about a month ago. Since I had a very similar idea around the same time, he’s letting me do the moderation and Gage is helping out as well. At the moment of writing this, there are 63 members.

Any thoughts on this idea are welcome!


I believe this slack channel could be very beneficial in increasing the impact of all EA creatives/​communicators. I see three main ways in how it could help with this:

  • Coordination: Ex. making sure two YouTubers don’t make very similar videos at the same time, maybe one specific blog could be better at tackling a certain subject than another blog, avoiding that two podcasts interview the same person with similar questions,...

  • Collaboration: Maybe someone is willing to write/​host a video for someone else, maybe there is an expert that could help out with a blog post, maybe two ideal podcast partners can find each other,...

  • Feedback/​advice: All of us have different perspectives we can bring to the table, even if some of us have studied similar things. Learning from each other and giving each other tips is a great way to get better at communicating!


We’re organising a Gatheround (previously Icebreaker) event 3rd of August at 6 pm GMT for anyone interested in EA communications. The link will be shared in the slack too. The purpose is to get to know each other and discuss how to get the most out of this group and help other members. If successful, we’d love to do more virtual events from time to time!


If you enter the slack, I would suggest naming yourself as follows:

Name or full name—Role or skill (Project, if relevant)

Ex. Jeroen Willems—Video Editor (A Happier World)

This way when browsing the slack, anyone can easily see what everyone else is doing! In case you have multiple skills/​roles/​projects, focus on the one(s) relevant to communications. This can be helpful to quickly see who you’re getting feedback from, who you can ask for help,… without having to scroll through people’s introductions first.


The current channels on the slack are:

Coordination: Who is working on what? How do we make sure we’re not working on similar videos/​blog posts/​… at the same time?

Feedback: Ask for any feedback/​tips/​advice here for anything you’re working on.

General: Anything relevant to the channel (that isn’t covered by other channels).

Introductions: Just joined the slack? Introduce yourself!

Random: Anything not really relevant to the channel.

Updates: Share any updates here about your projects! Maybe you’ve made a new podcast episode, written a new blog post,...

Art, fiction, graphic-design, marketing, podcasting, video-editing, video-scriptwriting, writing-articles: These are other channels you can manually add yourself. You can discuss the specific subject at hand. Perhaps you found an interesting graphic design role or you found a cool video editing tutorial.