Notes on EA-related research, writing, testing fit, learning, and the Forum

UPDATE: I now consider my 2022 Interested in EA/​longtermist research careers? Here are my top recommended resources a better starting point than this older post, but this post might be useful after you’ve read that 2022 one.

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I’ve had calls with >30 people who are interested in things like testing their fit for EA-aligned research careers, writing on the Forum, “getting up to speed” on areas of EA, etc. (This is usually during EA conferences.)

I gradually collected a set of links and notes that I felt that many such people would benefit from seeing, then turned that into a Google Doc. Many people told me they found that doc useful, so I’m now (a) sharing it as a public post, and (b) still entertaining the hypothesis that those people were all just vicious liars and sycophants, of course.


  • Not all of these links/​notes will be relevant to any given person

  • These links/​notes are most relevant to people interested in (1) research roles, (2) roles at explicitly EA organisations, and/​or (3) longtermism

    • But this just because that’s what I know best

      • There are of course many important roles that aren’t about research or aren’t at EA orgs!

      • And I’m happy with many EAs prioritising cause areas other than longtermism

    • But, in any case, some of the links/​notes will also be relevant to other people and pathways

  • This doc mentions some orgs I work for or have worked for previously, but the opinions expressed here are my own, and I wrote the post (and the doc it evolved from) in a personal capacity

Regarding writing, the Forum, etc.

Research ideas

Programs, approaches, or tips for testing fit for (longtermism-related) research


Not all of these things are necessarily “open” right now.

Here are things I would describe as research training programs (in alphabetical order to avoid picking favourites):

Note: I know less about what the opportunities at the Center for Reducing Suffering and the Nonlinear Fund would be like than I know about what the other opportunities would be like, so I’m not necessarily able to personally endorse those two opportunities.

Other things

Getting “up to speed” on EA, longtermism, x-risks, etc.


I’d welcome comments suggesting other relevant links, or just sharing people’s own thoughts on any of the topics addressed above!