Forum update: Tags are live! Go use them!

Tags are now live on the EA Fo­rum!

They ap­pear just above the com­ment sec­tion of each post, like this:

You’ll be able to se­lect from any ex­ist­ing tag when tag­ging a post, but you won’t be able to cre­ate your own tag. For now, only mod­er­a­tors have that abil­ity, be­cause we want to make sure new tags don’t pro­lifer­ate too quickly (lest we end up with sep­a­rate tags for “AI al­ign­ment,” “AI safety,” and “AI risk”).

We’re thrilled to be in­tro­duc­ing this fea­ture; we hope it will make it much eas­ier to find con­tent that suits your in­ter­ests.

You can see a list of all ex­ist­ing tags here. Each has its own page list­ing all posts which have been marked with that tag.

As with posts and com­ments, tags have their own “karma” val­ues. Th­ese are post-spe­cific; if a tag is es­pe­cially rele­vant to a post, it will (ideally) gain more karma on that post over time. If you look at the page for a given tag, you can sort posts by tag karma to see which ones users have voted most rele­vant for that tag. (For ex­am­ple, see the “coro­n­avirus” tag page.)

If you go to a tag’s page and up­vote a post from the list, you’ll be up­vot­ing that tag for the post (not adding karma to the post it­self). This is a good thing to do if you want to help oth­ers dis­cover the best or most rele­vant Fo­rum con­tent for a given topic.

Here are some ways you can help to make the Fo­rum a more tag-friendly place:

  • Go through the posts you’ve writ­ten and tag them.

  • Go to pages for tags that in­ter­est you and de­cide which posts within should be up­voted (or strong-up­voted, down­voted, etc. for those tags).

  • Sub­mit new tag ideas to us us­ing this form.

  • Con­tact us if you think some of our tags should be re­named, deleted, etc.

Other updates

New fil­ter­ing options

You can now use filters much more flex­ibly to de­ter­mine the Fo­rum con­tent you see. For ex­am­ple, you can hide posts with a par­tic­u­lar tag, or weight them to ap­pear more or less of­ten. Ex­per­i­ment to your heart’s con­tent!

Here’s what the new view looks like (you can add many differ­ent tag filters, but I’m just us­ing one in the ex­am­ple, plus the “Com­mu­nity Posts” filter which ap­pears by de­fault).

Ping­backs for everyone

The ping­back fea­ture shows posts which link back to the post you’re read­ing (and might be good for fol­low-up read­ing).

This has been a live beta fea­ture for a while, but will now be visi­ble to all users. As a re­minder, you can see beta fea­tures by check­ing the “Opt into ex­per­i­men­tal fea­tures” op­tion on the “Edit Ac­count” page:

Sec­tion URL bugfix

If you click on a sec­tion head­ing in a post side­bar, the page URL will now be up­dated to match. This makes it more con­ve­nient to link oth­ers to a spe­cific sec­tion of a post.

For a while, links to other Fo­rum posts have shown pre­views of those post. We’ve now added an­other pre­view op­tion, for pages on the Me­tac­u­lus pre­dic­tion plat­form. Here’s a link you can hover over to see the pre­view.

Thanks for us­ing the Fo­rum, and happy tag­ging!