EA Forum update: New editor! (And more)

EA Fo­rum up­date: New ed­i­tor! (And more)

It’s time for an­other round of fea­ture an­nounce­ments!

New ed­i­tor now available in beta

We’re rol­ling out our new con­tent ed­i­tor as an ex­per­i­men­tal fea­ture, available for any­one who wants to use it.

The new ed­i­tor fea­tures:

Bet­ter image support

You can now up­load images into a post, or just copy-and-paste them di­rectly. No more manda­tory URLs!

Table support

You can now cre­ate and edit ta­bles di­rectly in the ed­i­tor:

You can even merge cells to cre­ate fun shapes:

More text edit­ing options

This is your new edit­ing menu:

New op­tions in­clude cus­tom code blocks for a smor­gas­bord of lan­guages, as well as nested num­bered lists (no Mark­down re­quired):

How to get ex­per­i­men­tal fea­tures like this sweet editor

You can opt into ex­per­i­men­tal fea­tures from your ac­count set­tings:

If you use the Fo­rum a lot, you should definitely click that box so you can see the neat stuff we roll out sooner than any­one else (ex­cept for us).

Create your own sequences

You can now cre­ate your own se­quences, like the Mo­ti­va­tion Series, by go­ing to this page.

Once you cre­ate a se­quence, you’ll be taken to a page like this…

After you’ve writ­ten a de­scrip­tion and marked the se­quence as a draft, click­ing “Sub­mit” will take you here:

You can add what­ever Fo­rum posts you want (yours and oth­ers’) to fill out the se­quence.

Make your own tags

Users who check the “ex­per­i­men­tal fea­tures” box can now cre­ate tags, not just vote on those made by other peo­ple.

They also now have the abil­ity to edit tag de­scrip­tions in a wiki-like fash­ion.

Delete your own comments

You’ll now be able to ac­tu­ally delete your own com­ments (rather than just re­mov­ing all the text), as long as they haven’t been replied to. No more ac­ci­den­tal dou­ble-post­ing!

Into the gray

Top-level pages now have a gray back­ground, and are 70% less blind­ing!