Polis (Cluster) Poll: What are our opinions on EA, governance and FTX? (Now with visualisation)


  • I am editing this as I go

  • Polis is a tool for understanding community opinion

  • It allows us to see clusters of similar opinions

  • It not a representative poll nor does it claim to be- it’s not saying how many people think X just that the cluster exists.

  • What are people’s views on community/​governance/​FTX in EA?

  • It creates a fun/​interesting visualisation when enough people have voted. I think it will be about the most useful way to understand what different groups feel right now.

  • Add your own comments

  • It was mentioned on the 80k podcast (by Audrey Tang)

  • It is anonymous unless you log in

  • I will add the visualisations when we have enough votes. Polis is being a bit slow today so this may be delayed.

Link here: https://​​pol.is/​​6rk9hcav3w

Report here (this now works): https://​​pol.is/​​report/​​r7yrwpymn6yadbzwm3iyi

Longer intro

It is easy to have a false sense of what people think. But we don’t have to—we have tools that allow us to hear what people actually think. One is representative polling. This isn’t that. Here we can do cluster analysis (not a technical term) and look at what opinions are held in common. Do those who think Longtermisms is true tend to think that certain solutions are better than others? If so, why.

It shouldn’t be used to say X% of EAs think this. That’s not what this tool is for. Instead, it should suggest interesting questions to ask in future.

It would be very easy to use the loudest voices to decided what EAs really think. But that is unwise. Instead, if we want community input we should try and understand what groups form the community as a whole and understand what underlies the desires of each group.

Example question



Clusters and visualisation (Coming when Polis decides to work)

There are three clusters currently:

  • Group A largely think this is overrated and want clear suggestions

  • Group B wants more robust internal mechanisms and hold EA responsible for not spotting this

  • Group C is similar to group A but is more likely to hold those views. They also thinks that flirting at EAGs after the day time should be okay (ed: I misread this before and apologise, since it’s a big difference)

The majority views:

  • Note that the red bars are thing that everyone disagrees with.