Why we should be less productive.

Many peo­ple in EA value per­sonal pro­duc­tivity highly, and make it a goal to com­plete as many tasks on their to-do list as pos­si­ble in a day. Some peo­ple (my­self in­cluded, in the past) seem to tie up their feel­ing of self-worth with how pro­duc­tive they felt that day.

I think that in­creased pro­duc­tivity should mainly be used to re­duce the amount of time we work each day, and not to get more things done. To live a truly fulfilled life we need more un­struc­tured, un­pro­duc­tive time when we can be our­selves and do the things that we find in­her­ently valuable and en­joy­able.

Here are some things that I find valuable in them­selves, and not par­tic­u­larly pro­duc­tive:

Run­ning along a river or canal in the morning

Read­ing a his­tory book in a café

Listen to clas­si­cal mu­sic on the radio

Pre­pare an elab­o­rate din­ner for my girlfriend

Try all the differ­ent types of cheese from my lo­cal shop