I’ll pay you a $1,000 bounty for coming up with a good bounty (x-risk related)

I think bounties and requests for proposals (RFPs) are powerful and underutilized in EA. This is just a quick experiment to see if there are any interesting ideas floating around that might be bounty-able or RFP-able.

If your idea is interesting to me, I’ll shop it around to smarter people with relevant expertise, and if it gets funded, I’ll pay you $1,000.

Ideas can be either be objectively verifiable or they can be subjectively evaluated by a judge. For example, to minimize Goodharting the bounty, you might propose that a panel of AI safety experts judge the bounty submissions.

The deadline is November 15th. If it goes well, I’ll open it up to more submissions.

Email me your ideas—rough ones are fine! - at emersonspartz@nonlinear.org, DM me on Twitter @EmersonSpartz, or submit them here.