[Question] Examples for impact of Working at EAorg instead of ETG

What is the ac­tual ev­i­dence (ex­am­ples) in fa­vor of Work­ing at an EAO in­stead of ETG? Op­tions I am con­sid­er­ing are be­com­ing a GR, work­ing in AI safety or Strat­egy and policy fields and man­age­ment po­si­tions. Rele­vant ex­am­ples/​sites are much ap­pre­ci­ated.

I do not want claims (hid­ing un­der “We be­lieve Y is true”). I am re­ally look­ing for ev­i­dence (such as, Work­ing as a GR at open phil would = XX im­pact. So ETG more than 150k will pro­duce the same XX im­pact.)

I would hope the ev­i­dence to in­clude fac­tors for re­place­abil­ity, donor con­tri­bu­tion vs EA org con­tri­bu­tion etc… Also ev­i­dence based links for these fac­tors are much appreciated

So far the only ex­am­ple I have is from @milan griffes here: https://​​80000hours.org/​​2016/​​08/​​re­flec­tions-from-a-givewell-em­ployee/​​



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