[Question] Which EA organisations’ research has been useful to you?

I am trying to decide where to donate this year. I am mostly interested in funding cause prioritisation research. I am not sure how best to evaluate the EA research organisations that are out there. As someone who is at the frontline of trying to turn EA ideas into policy change I have my own thoughts on what research I have found most useful (will share in the answers section below). And so I thought it might be useful to ask others for their views on which research is most used.

So curious to know:

Which EA organisations’ research has been useful to you?

Note: For the sake of simplicity:

  • I am not that interested in if folk have used 80000 Hours’s research for career decisions or GiveWell’s or Animal Charity Evaluator’s research for donation decisions, etc. [Edit: but if you have used other research for career or donation decisions do share]

  • I have asked about “EA organisations” specifically (although if other orgs do good research too feel free to flag it)

  • I am looking for positive stories (Negative comments, Eg: I read all their research and it was no use, are acceptable but not the main aim)

I sometimes worry that the feedback loop from do useful research all the way down to see a significant change in the world is very long and opaque. If people have general thoughts on this feedback loop or on evaluating research organisations do share.

Also this may be a nice way to signpost particularly useful pieces of research.