[Question] How much do you (actually) work?

This is a bit of a sensitive question, but I am curious to know how much other EAs actually work. I think this can easily fall into setting unrealistic expectations in the community. However, I have the suspicion that many people in the community have overly high impressions of how many sustainably productive hours other people make. Also, I’m currently working quite flexible hours and I’m wondering how to count a collection of “actually work” hours as a full work day (I’m currently leaning towards 4-5 productive hours/​day). The question I’m specifically interested in is as follows:

If you only track the hours you spend actually doing work*, how many hours do you make on an average work day that is sustainable?

* So this excludes: small breaks, long breaks, distractions, etc.

Additional questions I’m interested in:

2) How many of these hours are deep work?

3) How much total break time do you need? Or in other words: what is your average ‘efficiency’? (note: higher than ~75% efficiency seems unattainable sustainably for most people?)

More info is also in this excellent blog post by Lynette Bye.