I find this forum increasingly difficult to navigate

This has been bug­ging me for a while. Tbh, the most use­ful in­ter­face for me was the 1.0 fo­rum, which al­lowed fil­ter­ing by high­est rat­ing over sev­eral differ­ent time ranges, as well as show­ing some use­ful data on the front page.

V2.0 no doubt had some ad­van­tages, but I found that of­ten I’d be read­ing a post, close the win­dow, want to go back and find it a pain in the butt to find the post again.

The lat­est ver­sion has reached the point where I just don’t see the point of vis­it­ing the fo­rum any more—as far as I can see, the only op­tion is the de­fault date-or­der one, which means I’m es­sen­tially go­ing to see a ran­dom set of noise on vis­it­ing. [ETA—on closer in­spec­tion it seems that the ‘re­cent posts’ sec­tion is mis­la­bel­led, and ac­tu­ally has some magic sort­ing for­mula based on some com­bi­na­tion of karma, re­cency, and per­haps other fac­tors. So I guess we have two lists, but ‘magic’ sorts (ie sorts whose out­come I can’t pre­dict with a lit­tle thought and ba­sic knowl­edge of the posts in ques­tion) seem to me to be less use­ful than any ex­plicit kind—even date-sort­ing.]

I’m not try­ing to make an ar­gu­ment here, merely ex­press a grum­ble/​opinion that some­thing im­por­tant has been lost in the in­ter­face. In that spirit I sug­gest peo­ple just up/​down­vote this post ac­cord­ing to whether they share the sen­ti­ment.

(in re­lated feed­back, it’d be nice to have proper pol­ling op­tion available)