I find this forum increasingly difficult to navigate

This has been bugging me for a while. Tbh, the most useful interface for me was the 1.0 forum, which allowed filtering by highest rating over several different time ranges, as well as showing some useful data on the front page.

V2.0 no doubt had some advantages, but I found that often I’d be reading a post, close the window, want to go back and find it a pain in the butt to find the post again.

The latest version has reached the point where I just don’t see the point of visiting the forum any more—as far as I can see, the only option is the default date-order one, which means I’m essentially going to see a random set of noise on visiting. [ETA—on closer inspection it seems that the ‘recent posts’ section is mislabelled, and actually has some magic sorting formula based on some combination of karma, recency, and perhaps other factors. So I guess we have two lists, but ‘magic’ sorts (ie sorts whose outcome I can’t predict with a little thought and basic knowledge of the posts in question) seem to me to be less useful than any explicit kind—even date-sorting.]

I’m not trying to make an argument here, merely express a grumble/​opinion that something important has been lost in the interface. In that spirit I suggest people just up/​downvote this post according to whether they share the sentiment.

(in related feedback, it’d be nice to have proper polling option available)